Our Mission and Research Program

The Glaucoma Genetics Lab is dedicated to finding the genes that cause glaucoma and developing new sight-saving therapies. We have five major approaches to study the genetics of glaucoma.

  1. Family-based research
    Studies of families with many members that have glaucoma.
  2. Transgenic animal models of glaucoma research
    We are engineering mice to have the same genetic causes of glaucoma as humans and using them to study the biology of glaucoma and develop cures.
  3. Stem cell-based research
    We are producing ocular tissue from skin cells collected from a small biopsy from our patients. This approach allows studies of the eye tissues important in glaucoma that require only a small punch of skin cells.
  4. Population-based research
    Studies of the groups of unrelated glaucoma patients.
  5. Quantitative traits of glaucoma research
    Studies of the heredity of specific measurements of the eye - like eye pressure.